Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beautiful Asian Breasts Contest - Favorites 2

Carena Asian4you Big titsI am entering Carena, from Asian4you, in the favorites category of the Beautiful Asian Breasts Contest. If she wins, I will give Asian4you one year of free advertising on this site. Actually, it's the Black Alley, which includes access to the old Asian4You archives. Nancy Ho and Annie Chui are also there. You may remember them from the Asian Breast Extravaganza, which preceded this blog.

What's your favorite pair of asian breasts? If you enter them into the contest, you'll get a year of advertising to any site you like.


  1. Randy,

    Check out my recent post and follow my link to Madame Paprika. She has accepted me as her newest prostitute in Italy. I'll be doing this part time. And while you're there please give me a high rating cause I want to be her next favorite prostitute.

    Kisses and Thanks,